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We will be biking across America (from Arkansas to Florida) in May 2007 in order to raise national awareness about Down Syndrome, to network with other Down Syndrome groups, to give hope and help to individuals we meet along the way, and to raise funds for Down Syndrome Connection.
If you are interested in assisting us in the d-tour, we would love your help! We have logistical needs as well as physical needs (gear, equipment, supplies, transportation, housing, etc) for the actual trip across America. We are looking for individual and corporate sponsors (or contacts for corporate sponsors), who would support us financially or possibly with some of the physical needs for the trip. Gifts are tax deductible and can be made out to Down Syndrome Connection – specify that the gift is for the d-tour.
 Visit our sister site at the Down Syndrome Connection of Northwest Arkansas. Their website is www.dscnwa.org
If you have any questions, feel free to call: 479-549-1084.

Thanks for your help – and come join us on the d-tour,

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Siloam family to take ‘d-tour ’ : Intrepid Thompsons exercise pedal power
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By Jeff Della Rosa Staff Writer jeffd@nwanews.com

Down Syndrome Connection
of Northwest Arkansas

18626 King Rd.
Siloam Springs, AR72761
Mobil phone: 479-228-3538



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